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Myrtle Beach Inc.

Myrtle Beach Inc. is a Delaware corporation with Broadcast Television & Web Videography, Computer Networking & Security, and Internet Marketing divisions.

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Corporate Overview

Myrtle Beach Inc. strives to:

Be an integral part of positive growth in destination-specific markets;

Help educate businesses about recognizing questionable and unacceptable business practices and behavior online;

Engage student involvement in the Internet presence of their specific locales;

Give back to the communities where we do business, and to others who are in need.

Community Connection

Myrtle Beach Inc. is or has been an active member of:

· U.S. Chamber of Commerce
· Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce
· NMB Chamber of Commerce
· Little River Chamber of Commerce
· Community Coalition of Little River

Warren Walker, COO, serves on the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce North Strand Council.

Myrtle Beach Inc. donates a portion of its resources to groups, organizations, and individuals in need.

Myrtle Beach Inc. also develops community service sites such as Myrtle Beach Churches and Myrtle Beach Restaurants and sites like Myrtle Beach Cars at

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