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Integrating Hi-Def Television & Web

Videography Division : HD TV Commercials & Professional Web Videos

Myrtle Beach Tickets Myrtle Beach Inc. specializes in high definition (HD) video production for broadcast television, with conversion to all formats for web simulcast, kiosk display, and/or DVD distribution.

Myrtle Beach Inc.'s current in-house video production projects include:

  • The Myrtle Beach TV show, an ongoing series, shot entirely in HD, about local life on the Grand Strand. The show aired weekly on FOX Myrtle Beach in 2007 and now streams 24 hours/day online.
  • HD Commercials & Projects - Myrtle Beach Inc. also provides finished, ready-to-roll HD projects to news stations, businesses, and various organizations, both locally and globally

Internet Division

Myrtle Beach Inc. provides aerial videography and photography for the web, advises businesses on web site development, internet marketing strategies, and web site hosting.

Software Division

The company provides custom software applications and advises businesses on critical computer and network security issues.

Cooperative Relationships

Myrtle Beach Inc. welcomes cooperative relationships with businesses, organizations, and individuals with strengths and expertise that complement their own.

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